Dreamz Group

Dreamz Group

Leading Group in Lucknow which takes care of Dreamz of People…

Dreamz Group headquartered at Lucknow, India. The group was established way back in 2008, since then it has earned the reputation that has a unique blend of quality, value, faith and reliability. Mr. Sameer Shaikh, who is a versatile entrepreneur, motivational speaker and trainer, is our leader in this journey. Under his guidance Dreamz group has touched the new horizons in poles apart dimensions. Our “Dreamz Infra Ventures” aspires to be leading Real Estate Service Provider in the country. The vision is that each and every person has their home of dreams. The Group also commands the wings of “Dreamz Film Productions” that has been associated with numerous Bollywood Film Promotions and Live shows of Bollywood celebrities. The Group understands the importance of films and their impact on people in transforming the society. We opt for the films to promote which has social message to prevail. The Group has its helping hand known as “Kalam Dreamz Foundation” that is an NGO working towards Social causes. The Kalam Dreamz Foundation spotlights on different aspects of creating social awareness among the masses so that they can be with us in creating a world better place to live. We support Road safety, Women safety, Child education and blood donation. Recently the Group has marked a milestone by the development of “Digital Mobile Wallet” which is going to revolutionize the way we make payments.


We continue to develop new directions and are now turning our attention to modern trends in the digital economy.


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